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Project-Based Volunteer Opportunities (less than one year)

  • Planning Committees: Prepare and provide input on education sessions for AHIMA-hosted events.
  • Recognition Committees: Evaluate applications for recognition programs that honor excellence and service in HI including the AHIMA Triumph Awards and Grace Award.
  • Task Force: Short-term commitment intended to complete a specific task. Opportunities are created on an ad-hoc basis.

For additional information, please refer to the 2023 Volunteer charge.


Council for Excellence in Education (CEE) Workgroups

The Council for Excellence in Education (CEE) exists to improve and adapt the education strategy for health information and related professions, focused on future opportunities and challenges. Responsible for fostering support and adoption of new initiatives and improvements to curriculum, credentials, academic programs, and resources. Focus on the changing needs of the students and working professionals and consider innovative ways of providing world-class education in HIM.

CEE Workgroups are directed by CEE strategy and may include initiatives such as CourseShare, STEM, AOE, student recruitment, building the HI pipeline, Academic Research Review, Faculty Development, Program Resources, and more.

Approximate time commitment would be 8-12 hours over a 4–6-week period. All activities will be facilitated virtually and allow for both asynchronous and synchronous collaboration based on the needs of the workgroup.

Requirements vary based on project. Workgroups will begin February 2023.

  • Qualifications:
  • Member of AHIMA who demonstrates AHIMA’s Core Competencies for Volunteers
  • Ability to work with diverse groups and ideas in a constructive way, respects diversity, and fosters inclusion
  • Possesses openness, transparency, honesty, is optimistic yet realistic, and subscribes to and practices a high moral standard
  • Regular and reliable internet access

The CEE is seeking volunteers for short term opportunities in the following areas:

STEM workgroups:

  • Will create resources that contribute to toolkits for academic programs/csa’s to deliver an engaging interactive face to face educational session (IG: bootcamp for 5th-8th graders, career fair resources, etc.)
  • Will create a list of resources for higher education programs regarding organizations and/or resources to support/promote Health Information STEM related activities, grants etc.
  • Create digital resources for 5th-8th graders that introduces to HI profession and functions in relationship to STEM that could be disseminated as a digital badge opportunity

Future Workforce envisioning workgroups:

  • Will provide guidance regarding messaging, communications and engagement with HOSA/Career and Technical Education advisors and Students
  • Will create resources for Educators, Practitioners and State leaders to engage with HOSA students and events, as well career fairs and other similar Health Information Professional Student recruitment resources

Building the Pipeline workgroups:

  • Will create resources for secondary and post-secondary student career exploration and planning to support academic program recruitment

Employer Awareness workgroups:

  • Will create employer resources to contribute to a toolkit that promotes AHIMA certified employees

Item Writing and Item Reviewing

Serve as a subject matter expert to create and modify new items for availability on future AHIMA certification exams. Will be coding items for blueprint accuracy (Domain & Task) as well as cognitive complexity of item. Reviewers will analyze and modify items based on content expertise to find potential flaws and ways to improve items. Must need to appropriately assign a reference to items as well as check references for accuracy. You will receive 3 CEUs for completion of the training as well as earning CEUs for each review or writing project completed.

  • Item Writing 101 (1 Hour), Advanced Item Writing session (1 Hour) & Exam Developer session (1 Hour)
  • 2 to 5 hours of item writing or item reviewing per month
  • Must hold an active certification for the program you are assigned
  • Must sign a confidentiality and conflict of interest agreement
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