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Volunteers are integral to AHIMA remaining the leading voice of health information (HI).

We encourage volunteerism at all levels. The life cycle of a volunteer often starts with small tasks and virtual participation and leads to serving on committees and in leadership positions.

Becoming involved in your professional association offers benefits for both members and their profession. The accomplishments of AHIMA volunteers are recognized throughout the year, including articles in newsletters, through Engage, and with a volunteer reception and ribbon at AHIMA’s annual conference.

Get Started

Not sure how you want to get involved? View the Search, Assess, and Apply steps below so you can find the opportunity that best meets your experience level, interests, and time commitment. 

  • Ready now? Go directly to the Volunteer Center to apply! 
  • Interested in volunteering at your State? Visit your CSA.
Step 1: Search

AHIMA offers diverse opportunities for volunteers with various skills, expertise, interests, and availability. Browse the 2021 Volunteer Charges or visit the Volunteer Center for a list of current openings.


View Volunteer Opportunities by Time Commitment


  • Roundtable: Short-term commitment to advise on areas of thought leadership. Opportunities created on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Event: One-time commitment to provide assistance at an AHIMA virtual or in-person event. Multiple opportunities created on an ad-hoc basis.

  • Planning Committees: Prepare and provide input on education sessions for AHIMA hosted events.
  • Recognition Committees: Evaluate applications for recognition programs that honor excellence and service in HI including the AHIMA Triumph Awards, Grace Award, and Fellowship.
  • Task Force: Short-term commitment intended to complete a specific task. Opportunities created on an ad-hoc basis.

  • Practice Councils: Subject matter experts monitor industry needs, best practices, and opportunities for HI to support AHIMA’s mission to empower people to impact health.
  • Policy and Advocacy: Provide guidance and leadership in the advocacy and public policy domain.
  • Nominating Committee: Identity, review, and select qualified candidates to serve in leadership roles on the AHIMA Board of Directors, CCHIIM, CEE, the Speaker-elect of the House of Delegates, and the Nominating Committee.
  • Professional Ethics Committee: Safeguard and maintain a high level of ethics for the profession by use of the ethics violation review process.
  • Elected Positions: Elected positions are leadership roles on the AHIMA Board of Directors, the Speaker-elect of the House of Delegates, the Commission on Certification for Health Informatics and Information Management (CCHIIM), and the Council for Excellence in Education (CEE). The application is due March 31. All required documents must be included. The election takes place in July, and the winners will take office on January 1. The AHIMA Election timeline can be found here
  • AHIMA Board President/Chair-elect (1 position)
    The President/Chair leads the board of directors, which governs the association, sets strategy, budget, and maintains fiduciary oversight. The President/Chair serves as an ex-officio member of all volunteer groups.
    • AHIMA Board Directors (3 positions)
      The Directors serve as voting members of the Board of Directors as well as voting members of the House of Delegates. The Board of Directors governs the association, sets strategy, budget, and guides fiduciary oversight. Members of the Board are also called upon to represent the association at meetings and to speak on behalf of AHIMA and the HI profession.
    • CCHIIM Commissioner (2 positions; CCHIIM is looking for candidates who hold the following credential: RHIT)
      The Commission on Certification for Health Informatics and Information Management (CCHIIM) serves the public by establishing, implementing, and enforcing standards and procedures for certification and recertification of health informatics and information management (HIIM) professionals.
    • Speaker-elect of the House of Delegates (1 position)
      The Speaker-elect supports the House of Delegates (HoD) and along with the Speaker, leads the House Leadership Team and serves on the Board of Directors as Speaker. The House shall elect annually a Speaker-elect. The Speaker-elect must be an active member of AHIMA, an AHIMA-approved certificant, and a current or previous member of the House of Delegates.

      The Speaker-elect supports the HoD along with the Speaker and shall exercise duties as delegated to the office by the House. The Speaker-elect chairs the House Leadership team and chooses the forum topics. The Speaker-elect shall assume the office of the Speaker upon the expiration of the Speaker’s term of office or in the event of a vacancy in the office. 
    • CEE Member (1 position)
      CEE members improve and adapt the education strategy for HI and related professions, focused on future opportunities and challenges. They are responsible for fostering support and adoption of new initiatives and improvements to curriculum, credentials, academic programs, and resources. They focus on the changing needs of the students and working professionals and consider innovative ways of providing world class education in HI.

      CEE is comprised of both educators and practitioners. For 2022, we need to elect practitioners to maintain the Council balance. AHIMA values both perspectives to represent the profession. It’s more important than ever we work together.

The positions above also serve as liaisons to the CEE and affiliated organizations.

The elected officials will assume office on January 1 of each year. The AHIMA Nominating Committee places a high priority on diversity and seeks candidate diversity at the national level.

For more details on the elected positions, please refer to the Handbook on AHIMA Elected Positions.

Please note, individuals currently serving their CSA as an officer or in the House of Delegates or serving on national volunteer groups are required to resign from the position if elected.

Before applying, applicants should assess the level of their leadership skills and abilities with the AHIMA Volunteer Leadership Competencies Self-Assessment tool (printable self-scoring PDF version). Also, all applicants submitting a nomination for the Board should review the list of 2022 Board Attributes and determine their qualifications. Applicants submitting a nomination for CEE and CCHIIM should review: the list of 2022 CCHIIM Attributes and the list of 2022 CEE Attributes determine their qualifications.

To prepare to apply for an AHIMA elected position, view the application questions and required documents. When you’re prepared to apply, complete the online application. If you have questions, please contact


Step 2: Assess

Our Volunteer Leadership Competencies Self-Assessment is intended to help members become familiar with volunteer leadership skills in several key areas, and allows applicants to track their progress toward acquiring and strengthening those skills. This tool outlines core competencies of all AHIMA volunteers and specifies additional competencies for leadership roles. 

Core Competencies for All Volunteers

  • Adheres and advocates for the AHIMA Code of Ethics, and any other appropriate codes of conduct, values honesty, integrity, and transparency.
  • Demonstrates commitment to the mission, vision, values, and strategy of AHIMA.
  • Acts as a team player/collaborator, works well on teams, fosters trust among group members, and adjusts behavior in order to establish relationships with teams. Motivates and desires to improve the quality of service.
  • Respects diversity and fosters inclusion of all races, cultures, disabilities, ages, and genders equitably, with respect and sensitivity. Ensures all voices are listened to and respected.
  • Presents a positive professional image, reflects the profession as a confident, proficient, skilled, qualified expert, and qualified authority in HI.

For additional leadership resources offered by AHIMA, visit the AHIMA Store.


Step 3: Apply

AHIMA thanks members interested in becoming more involved with AHIMA. To allow as many interested volunteers to serve as possible, members are limited to serve in one AHIMA volunteer position at a time; however, they may apply for as many positions as they like. 

  • Visit the Volunteer Center to review and apply for volunteer positions that best fit their interests, expertise, and schedule. Check back often as new opportunities are added to enhance AHIMA's strategy, mission, and vision.


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